Frequently Asked Quesitons

How do I deposit money in to an inmate's account?

Money may be deposited for an inmate by money order or cashier's check only, no cash or personal checks are accepted. Money orders may be mailed in to an inmate or deposited into a drop box in the lobby seven days a week from 6:00 am through 10:00 pm. All funds sent in to an inmate must be received by 10:00am every Friday for her/him to be able to order commissary the following week.

How much money can I send at one time?

There is no limit on how much can be sent it, however inmates are only allowed to spend $70.00 per week from their account.

Are inmates allowed to have anything dropped off to them?

Inmates are not authorized to receive any items from the public, other than one (1) pair of prescription eyewear.

Prescription eyewear will only be accepted after the inmate has filled out a request form, and subsequently the request has been approved by the Operations Lieutenant. The eyewear may then be brought to the facility Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. through 3:00 p.m. after the inmate notifies you approval has been obtained.

What if an inmate has medication she or he needs?

JCCF medical staff will refill all prescriptions.  Medication will not be accepted that is filled by the inmate or inmate’s family after 72-hours of the inmate’s arrival to the facility.  The medical staff may accept the inmate’s health insurance information to send to the pharmacy.  Medications may be accepted in extenuating circumstances with prior approval of the Chief of Corrections.

How do I set up an inmate telephone account?

The inmate phone service is provided by Securus Technology. They can be contacted by phone at (800) 844-6591.

Are inmates allowed visits?

Inmate visitation is once a week for two hours. Call (850) 482-9651 ext: 210, specify the inmate you wish to visit and the day and time will be given to you for that inmate.

Only two visitors will be allowed in to visit at one time. We do not allow any one to swap out during a visit. You must also have a valid picture ID and present it at the time of your visit. You must be appropriately dressed, wearing articles of clothing such as mini-skirts, sleeveless shirts, low cut tops, etc. will cause you to not be allowed to enter. No items will be allowed into the visitation booth. Please be considerate of other visitors and do not let small children become disorderly and wander around the visiting area.

No disorderly conduct towards other visitors, inmates, or staff will be tolerated at any time. If such action occurs, we reserve the right to terminate the visit and suspend you from returning to visit.

Are notary services available for documents requiring a notarized inmate’s signature?

The Jackson County Correctional Facility provides limited notary services exclusively for documents requiring a notarized inmate’s signature such as power of attorneys, etc. Notary services are available only on Tuesdays from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. and Fridays from 2:00 p.m.- 3:00 p.m.

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